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Making Decisions about Aging in Place can be tough

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Every day we deal with people who are aging in place or have recently become care givers for a family member.  Everyone seems to feel so alone and overwhelmed in the process.  I always say there should be a support group for you all.  This website is that support group. People can ask questions anonymously – no real names ever needed – without embarrasment or fear of a bunch of companies trying to contact you to sell you something.  

When aging in place, there seem to be more new challenges than you ever counted on.  You don’t have to figure everything out by yourself.  Join in our conversation to help each other.  Each “challenge” is what someone is dealing with right now.


HELP.     LEARN.     WIN.

HELP – people who are facing challenges by submitting a comment at the bottom of that page.  


LEARN- about new products and services that are suggested for each challenge.

WIN- prizes for participating – just adding a comment puts you in the prize drawing.

Share your trials and tribulations with us, comment on other people’s challenges, tell us what works and what doesn’t work, learn about new products and services, submit challenges to be solved…and WIN prizes!  We have also thrown in some tricks and tips throughout the site to make your day a little easier.  Through collaboration, we can find solutions for BETTER LIVING.

We have curated a collection of products, services and resources that can help you live a little easier. Click on any of the circles to jump to that page.

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These are the latest challenges people are dealing with. Click on “read more” to go to the page for full information on that challenge. You can read what products and services have been recommended for that person, plus you can add your own ideas to help.  Each helpful comment and challenge submittal enters you in the monthly prize drawing.

Transportation and Low Cost Living in Union City GA

I recently moved to Union City, GA and I am a 65 years old disabled individual. I am looking for transportation services available in this area where you can call someone and pay a small amount to get you to your doctor appointments, etc.Also do you have low income...

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Preparing for a possible power outage

Storms are predicted and I am worried about the power going out.  What can I do to prepare ahead of time? Make sure your phone is charged (- do you have any extra battery packs?) What meals can you make with the canned food you have? Do you have a manual can opener?...

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Hard Time Reading

It is getting harder to read my books and I miss reading. What are some options for me? Here are some products and services that may help you. Also, check in the comments section at the bottom of the page for more great ideas! You could try listening to audio...

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Care Giver Training

My mom and aunt take care of my papaw in his home.  We have home care workers who come in to help with his medicine and do some cooking a few days a week.  Is there a program where family members can be trained and paid as in-home care providers or is there any...

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Talk to Type

I'm having trouble typing, but it is a good way to stay connected to my friends and family.  I enjoy spending time on the computer. Does anybody know of a good program that will turn my talking into typing?    Here are some products and services that may help you....

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