Choose Services for Aging In Place

Aging In Place Services

Having the right people in your life can make all the difference for easy living. Some people will be part of your circle of friends and family, but there are other people you may have to pay to make life a little better. We have a whole directory of service providers. Many are geographic specific, so you may need to search by city and specialty. If you know of any service providers we should list, please let us know. First, read through this list of service types, then search for the type of service along with your state or city to find a service provider in your area.  We are all here to help each other LIVE BETTER!

Types of Services to consider – Note that these types of services are typically geographic-specific, so please click on the city or metro area closest to you for more information on the providers in your area.

Assisted Living

At some point, you may decide that your own home may not be the best place to live anymore.  

You may be lonely or just need a little extra help with daily living.  Many people enjoy the group setting, the activities and having friends just down the hall.  Group outings may be organized. Meals are provided. There is typically a whole menu of activities for each day.

Daily Money Management

Do you feel like you are living on the edge with your day to day finances – ready to fall over at any point? The day-to-day finances may be getting away from you.  Daily money managers can make sure your money goes where it needs to go – so you don’t have to worry about whether the power bill got paid or the insurance is current.  They will also notice if money is going somewhere it should not be going – to help prevent fraud. 

Day Care / Adult Day Services

A place to go for the day – for food, friendship and enrichment activities.  

Great for a caregiver to have time to go run errands, or go to work.  Transportation may be available.

DME – Durable Medical Equipment Store

If you need a wheelchair, scooter, bath chair, or other equipment to make your life easier, your local DME store will be the place to shop. They can help you find just what you need.  Some items may be paid by insurance.

Elder Law Attorneys 

Are you ready for a storm or do you count on every day being a sunny day in your life?

There are lots of jokes about attorneys, but this subset of specialty lawyers is dedicated to helping people live on their own terms and protecting their rights.  

You will want to make sure all your documents are in order – whatever may happen.   With the help of an elder law attorney, you can be ready for a less than perfect day.  It is best to be prepared!

Emergency and Disaster Planning

Are you ready for a fire, storm or flood? What is your plan? Do you have a plan for your pets?

You should have a plan and a back-up plan.  It is best to be prepared for any possibility!

End of Life Planning

Death is the one reality we will all one day face. Regardless of the guarantee, many do not explore how to best handle this upcoming event – especially considering the related costs, logistical needs, and family impact. Proper planning within that last year – especially before it is a crisis – can be an integral way to budget appropriately, prepare for the transition, and best support one’s family. End of life planning includes but also goes far beyond funeral planning.

Financial Planning 

Ideally, people retire and spend the rest of their lives living on easy street.  In reality, being retired is probably more expensive than you figured, may last longer than you thought and your money may not go as far as you would like.  How do you plan for having no income for 30-40 years, while still maintaining your lifestyle? Betting on the horse races is probably not the best way to go. Do you want to travel, maintain two homes, downsize? Consult a financial planner early on!

Fitness and Recreation for Seniors

Fitness and Recreation

Staying healthy is important as you age.  The ability to move easily without pain will determine what you area able to do as you age.  There are great programs available to help you keep moving.  Exercise your body and your mind while maintaining social interactions through group fitness classes.  Travel with a group. Start your day with stretching exercises.  Local 5K races have age groups over 70 years young.  You don’t have to be sprinting to participate.  Just walking could earn you an age group award – plus you will meet new people and be in the fresh air!

Geriatric Care Manager

Geriatric Care Manager

When you need to make decisions about care or where to go next, a geriatric care manager may be the perfect person to guide you through the options available in your situation  They can also help family members understand the choices available.  Don’t head out on this journey alone!

Geriatric Care Manager

Health and Wellness

Feeling well is important at every age. 

Whether you have pain that is getting you down, you are having trouble reaching your shoes to put them on, need a general health check-up or you just would like ideas on being heathier, there are many pracitioners ready to help!

Home Accessibility

Home Accessibility Consultants

If you love your home and your neighborhood, but cannot figure out quite how to make it work for you, bring in a consultant who will examine your needs and your home and make suggestions that you can act upon.  The consultant is not selling you anything, so their findings are purely in your best interests.  

Home Maintenance

Taking care of your house is not easy when you are young and fit.  As you age, it may become harder and harder to take care of your house.  Tasks such as changing lightbulbs, mowing the lawn, weeding the flower beds, and keeping up with home maintenance may become not only difficult, but even dangerous – especially if you need to climb a ladder.  

This is one of the battles that is just not worth fighting.  Hire a professional to help you with these tasks.  Save your energy for doing what you enjoy.

Home Modifications

Trouble getting into or around your home? Any physical changes you need to make to your home to make it easier to live in will fall under this category. Ceiling or patient lifts, bathroom modifications, grab bars, roll-in showers, walk-in bath tubs, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, elevators, and ramps would all be examples of the work a Home Modification Company could help you with. In some states, there may be special licenses and permits that are required. Each state is different, so do your homework before buying anything.  Unscrupulous sellers may not tell you that they do not have the proper insurance or license for what they are trying to sell you.

Home Organizer for Seniors

Home Organizing / Downsizing / Senior Move Managers / Estate Sales Experts

Whether you need to get your house in order to sell or just so you can remove clutter and find everything easier, there are experts to call upon.    They will come into your home and work with you.

If you are moving into assisted living or just into another house, you should also investigate these services to make your move less stressful.



When a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness with 6 months or less to live, they may receive hospice care to help make them more comfortable.

Typically hospice workers come into your home, but there are also hospice centers where people can go.  Sometimes hospice providers also help people live out their last wishes.  Grief counseling may also be available to family members.

in home care medical

In-Home Care – Medical

Skilled nursing care is best for people who need a higher level of care than companion care might provide. This type of help includes IV administration, assistance with medical machinery including ventilators, PICC line dressing changes, feeding tubes, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy, wound care and medication management.

Home Care Companion Care

In-Home Care – Non-Medical

If you need help with activities of daily living, a home care professional can come to your home to help you. Typically they stay for a block of time – such as 4 hours. They can help with meal preparation, bathing, and light cleaning. If you are a full-time care giver for a family member, scheduling a block of time every day can help you get other tasks done without having to get stressed out about caring for your loved one as well.

Independent Living for Seniors

Independent Living Communities 

Some people prefer to live where help is nearby but still retain their independence.  There are other people around to socialize with, but you are still able to perform most of your Acitivies of Daily Living (eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and walking on your own.)

Some communities may allow you to phase into an Assisted Living or higher level of care location at a later date.

There may be community meals, transportation options and activities to enjoy with new friends.

Insurance for Seniors

Insurance Services

From long-term care insurance to health insurance and Medicare help, it can be reassuring to have assistance navigating the options available to you.  Find an experienced agent or broker who can educate you about the different policies available.

Senior Meal Services

Meal Services and Eating Healthy 

As you age, it is important to eat healthy.  If you are living alone, it may not be as much fun to cook for one. Perhaps you were not traditionally the cook of the family – but now the cooking is up to you.  In order to feel well, you need to eat healthy meals.  You may choose to buy meals through a delivery plan, or you may be eligible for programs such as Meals on Wheels – which sometimes will even bring you food for you pet!

Personal Care Homes

Personal Care Homes 

There are smaller homes where you can choose to live – with a few other people – and still get help with daily living.  Some of these homes may seem more cozy than larger complexes.  Most states require licensing, so please check on your state’s requirements to see that any personal care home you are considering is legal.

Pet Care Services for Seniors

Pet Care Services

As you age, you may find it more difficult to care for your pets, however they are an important part of your daily life enjoyment.  It is best to find ways to allow you to take care of your pets with ease.  

Whether you need a vet who makes house calls, pet food delivery, someone to drive your dog to the vet, or a pet sitter, there are services available to you.

Senior Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services 

You may not realize that there are realtors who specialize in helping seniors.  They have undergone extra training to understand your situation.  

Whether you are buying or selling, these realtors can help you make the right decisions based on your needs.

Reverse Mortgage Options

Reverse Mortgages 

Reverse mortgages unfortunately got a bad reputation a few years back, but they are actually a great solution for some people who would like to stay in their home.  If you wish to stay living where you are, but would like to free up some of the equity in their home, a reverse mortgage may be right for you.  It is important to choose a reverse mortgage specialist who will educate you on your options.  It is one tool to ease the financial burden of Aging in Place.  You can have a lump sum of money to put in the bank – or you may be able to choose a line of equity, so that you are ready for any unexpected events.

Senior Communications and Monitoring

Senior Communications and Monitoring

It can be reassuring to be able to stay in touch with your people.   You can stay in touch via phone, apps, smart techonology and even more smart devices that allow you to monitor safety without intruding on day-to-day life.  You can have gps tracking, front and back doors monitoring, and even monitor appliances and whether they were left on.  It can be reassuring to know someone is looking out for you as well.    

Senior Transportation Information


There may come a time when it is no longer safe for you to be on the road.  If you know your alternatives ahead of time, it will be easier to plan your outings.  There are some public options and ohter services that use private cars to pick you up. There may be some low-cost or voucher programs as well.  There are also a number of driver training and evalution programs that can help determine if a driver is still safe to be on the roads.


Travel Opportunities for Seniors


Many people look forward to retirement as a time to travel.  There are travel specialists and tour operators who can help you choose exactly the trip you are looking for.  You may not wish to spend time around young children or you may need additional services when you arrive in a new city.  Some people desire more educational programs or history programs.  Whatever you are looking for, there is likely a trip just for you.