Storms are predicted and I am worried about the power going out.  What can I do to prepare ahead of time?

  • Make sure your phone is charged (- do you have any extra battery packs?)
  • What meals can you make with the canned food you have? Do you have a manual can opener?
  • Are your televisions and computers on surge protectors?  It is even better if you can just unplug as much as possible.
  • Wash your clothes while you still have power
  • Prep food ahead of time- and plan on how to warm it if needed – can you use a gas grill?
  • Put some ice cubes in bags and store in the freezer – add them in your fridge after the power goes out to keep it cool.
  • Put a cup full of frozen water (yes – ake ice) in the freezer with a penny on the top – if the penny falls through the ice – you will know your food unfroze and is most likely no longer safe to eat
  • Do you know how to manually raise and lower your garage door in case you should need to get your vehicle out?
  • Make sure you know where your flashlights are and that they are charged.
  • Fill your bathtub and sinks with water if you are on a well – no power means no water when you are on a well.



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