My Wife Passed Away


I live up in northern Michigan. My wife passed away a year ago and I’m having a tough time. All’s I do is farm and take care of my little granddaughter. This month will be be bad for me – my wife got really bad about this time and passed away on the 25th. I’m just trying to do my best.

Here are some products and services that may help you. Also, check in the comments section at the bottom of the page for more great ideas!

Many Hospice organizations have Grief Support Groups.

We searched in your area and found the following:

Hospice of Michigan’s grief support groups provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to express their feelings and better understand the grief process. These services are offered at no charge to any member of our community mourning the loss of a loved one. Registration is required for all groups unless indicated otherwise.

Below is a brief description of our grief support offerings.

JOURNEY THROUGH GRIEF This program is a series of weekly sessions offering insights and coping skills for an adult’s journey through grief. Practical handouts are provided with each session. Advance registration is required.

LIVING ON These are on-going groups where grief and loss topics are addressed as they arise, depending upon the interests of those attending the group. The focus of these groups is to express feelings and experiences related to the loss in a supportive, caring and non-judgmental environment.

MEMORIAL SERVICES Hospice of Michigan offers traditional memorial services and events, such as Fly and Remember, to honor and celebrate the lives of those we have lost.

Here is a link to the Northern Michigan Support Groups:

Have you considered volunteering? Many retired people can make a huge difference by spending time volunteering for a cause they believe in. Find an organization that appeals to you and start a conversation. They may even be able to arrange transportation with another volunteer.

Volunteer Match –
We bring good people and good causes together.
Find volunteer work that matches your interests and location.


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