Working Together to Help you Live Better

Better Living

This is our senior side of the business where we try to help seniors Age in Place through helping with whatever is challenging them, providing product ideas and providing city -specific lists of service providers.

We want seniors to come visit and interact with us – not just come read what is here – but actually help each other – and learn about new ideas on how to live better – while hepling others:  submit challenges and comment with solutions.

In order to encourage seniors to visit our page, we encourage them to make a comment on somebody else’s challenge – with an idea of how they could solve their challenge.  Everybody who submits a comment on a challenge is eligible to win that month’s prize( – which is provided by one of the service providers – who in turn get an ad on the site.)

Our goal is to recruit the best providers in the industry and then help them make their businesses thrive – so that they can concentrate on doing what they do best – helping seniors!

There are currently 27 different categories of senior service provider.

Our current cities we are working in are:




Better Working

This is the members-only part of the business where we help our member service providers thrive.

We know what its like to be a small company in the senior industry.  There is  so much potential and you are so passionate about helping seniors, but there is SO much to do to run a business.  The accounting, HR, marketing, taxes and record -keeping are not what you are passionate about – plus having to deal with all this back-office work takes you away from the seniors.

Plus, it is time-consuming to find someone to help who will do a great job.  So you end up doing it yourself – we have gathered a list of companies who are passionate about doing all that back-office work who can help you.  

There are also lots of opportunities where you might love to market, but it is outside the budget.  We can help through co-marketing, collaboration and the sharing of tips, tricks and ideas to grow your business.

One you sign up as a listing for your city, you get a member sign-in to access this protected website.